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Learn from the world's best DJ's in the comfort of your own home. Whether you've never used a turntable, or are just looking to brush up your skills, we've got you covered.

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A Free Preview of Our Amazing DJ Lesson Series

ill.Gates Interview free


Check out our interview with ill.Gates!

Morgan Page Interview free


Check out our interview with Morgan Page!

How to Live Remix a Track free

by DJ Kenya 3:31

This video will walk you through exactly how to remix a track live, making it fast fun and painless. What you will learn hear could take you months if you were to try and learn it on your own.

The Teaser Mix Introduction free

by DJ Kenya 1:28

Learn some intermediate to advanced tricks from DJ Kenya.

Practicing Scratching Introduction free

by DJ Kenya 1:05

Learn the building blocks of scratching, with this tutorial on how to practice and fine tune your scratching skills. Practice these steps and watch our other tutorial on scratching and you will be able to scratch like a pro faster than you can even imagine.

Getting To Know Your Mixer And Turntables free

by Rhythmicon 4:16

This tutorial goes over the basic functions of your mixer and turntables. It is a great starting point for people who are not totally familiar with their gear.

Software Options free

by DJ Kenya 1:32

There are tonnes of different software options out there for DJ’ing, however, it’s hard to know which one is the best fit for you. Thats what this lesson is for. It will give you the pro’s and con’s of all the major softwares used for DJ’ing so you can decide which one is the best fit for you!

4 Essential Transitions free

by DJ Kenya 3:57

This lesson teaches you four essential transitions to DJ’ing: Cutting, Fading, Spinbacks and Rewinds. These are technics that will help your mixes sound way better, and give them much more energy and depth. This is a must watch tutorial for all DJ’s needing to brush up or learn the essential mixing skills.

Using Effects – Part 1 free

by DJ Rafh 0:38

In this using effects 4 part series you will learn how to use some essential effects such as the high and low pass filter, the delay effect, and the flanger effect. Effects can add a lot of depth to your sound and can be very handy for doing smooth and tricky transitions. This tutorial gives you all the secrets on using effects to there fullest.

Designer Drugs free


Check this backstage interview out with Michael of Designer Drugs. Michael touches on a number of really interesting points in this interview, and shares the goods on what it takes to become a talented producer. The dedication and mastery of his skill is simply amazing.

Getting Started With Spin Academy

Spin Academy is the ultimate DJ school. Our online program is perfect for all levels of people looking to learn to DJ whether they are complete beginners or intermediate DJ's. Learning The fundamentals of being a DJ can be extremely difficult and frustrating if you don't know the industry secrets; this is where Spin Academy comes in. Whether your using Traktor, Serato or another platform we have tonnes of awesome tutorials by professional DJ's that will teach you all the secrets and set you on the right track to being a professional DJ in no time.  

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About Us

Spin Academy is the biggest online DJ school in the world. We have over 100 HD videos on everything there is to know about DJ'ing, and we are the only online DJ school to offer high quality overhead camera views so you can see exactly what the DJ instructor is teaching you. We also have screen capture footage so you can see what the DJ instructor is teaching on his laptop. We even have video interviews with some of the biggest DJ's in the world like like Morgan Page and Krafty Kuts.

If you are convinced and want to jump start your DJ career now SIGN UP HERE. If not read on about all the other things we can offer you.

I'm DJ Roshan the co-founder of Spin Academy. I have been a professional DJ for over 6 years. I started Spin Academy with my business partner Andrew Wilkinson because we found that there was no good resources online on how to DJ. All the youtube videos out there were made by rookie DJ's who didn't know what they were doing, and the quality of the videos was awful. Learning to DJ for me took forever, and was really frustrating! We saw an opportunity to create the ultimate DJ school so we jumped on it.

If you are worried we are not going to cover your style of DJ'ing when it comes to gear choice, software choice, or style, don't be. Check out our hardware and software section to see all the details on this. Whether you are a purest turntablist or a modern DJ that loves his software and midi controllers we got you covered.

Having gone from only dreaming about making a living DJ'ing to playing 600+ people gigs on a weekly basis, I knew exactly what type of videos we needed to make to help people not only learn how to DJ, but also make a good living doing it. If you are serious about wanting to become a DJ, this is the school for you.

So if you want to get started I highly encourage you to SIGN UP TODAY.

Spin Academy was founded in 2011 by Andrew Wilkinson the founder of MetaLab, and Roshan Virk, a veteran DJ. Andrew and Roshan agreed there was no really good comprehensive resource online for learning the skills DJ'ing, and they set out to solve this problem; this is how Spin Academy was born.

Spin Academy has a very wide array of lessons on DJ'ing producing music and lessons are constantly being added; therefore this list is constantly growing. Listed below is some of our lesson categories.

  • What DJ Gear to Buy
    • Novation Dicers
    • Pioneers DDJ-S1 Review
    • Beginner Setup Reviews
    • Pioneer DDJ-ERGO Review
    • Vestax VCI-400 Review
    • Vestax VCI-300 Review
    • Numark NS-7 Review
    • Traktor S4 Review
    • Rane TTM-57 Review
    • DJ Software Options
  • Software Basics and Tricks
    • Getting to Know Your Serato Itch Interface
    • Getting to Know Your Traktor Interface
    • Beatmatching Tricks in Serato
    • Beatmatching Tricks in Traktor
    • Phrasing Tricks in Serato and Traktor
  • Cueing
  • Beatmatching
  • Understanding Volume and Gain
  • 4 Essential Transitions
    • Cutting
    • Fading
    • Spin Backs
    • Rewinds
  • Preparing Your DJ Set
  • Beatmatching Tricks in Serato
  • Beatmatching Tricks in Traktor
  • Looping
  • Mixing in Key with Mixed in Key in Key
  • Scratching
    • Introduction to Scratching
    • Beat Juggling
    • Drum Scratching
    • Two Click Orbit
    • Advanced Tricks for Scratching
    • The Chirp Scratch
    • The Crab Scratch
    • Practicing Scratching
    • Baby Scratch
    • Stab Scratch
    • Transform Scratch
  • DJ Tricks
    • How to Loop a Vocal at the End of a Track
    • How to Use a Fader Over a Sweeper
    • How to Mix from the Buildup of a Song
    • How to Use an Acapella on Top of an Instrumental
    • How to Use an Acapella to Transition in BPM's
    • How to Mix on the Half Time
    • How to Switch Beats Under an Acapella
  • Using Effects
    • High pass filter
    • Low pass filter
    • Delay effect
    • Flanger
  • How to Make a Professional Demo Mix
  • Opening vs. Headliner vs Closing DJ's
  • Setting Up for your DJ Gig
  • How to Get Gigs
  • Crazy things DJ's do
  • How to Transition from a high BPM to a Low BPM
  • How to Live Remix a Track
  • Introduction to the Ableton Live Interface
  • DJ'ing in Ableton  
  • How to Make a House Track in Ableton  
  • How to make a Dubstep Track in Ableton  
  • How to make a Electro house Track in Ableton  

How to be a DJ - Our DJ School Guide

This is a step by step guide to becoming a professional DJ. 

1) Pick a Style 

If you want to be a DJ you are going to need to decide what style of music you want to play. Learning to DJ is not a fast process, therefore we highly recommend that you pick a style of music that you love. Whether it's house, hip-hop, top 40 or techno it doesn't matter. Pick your favorite style or combination of styles and go with it. 

2) Choosing Which DJ Gear to Use 

    When learning to DJ it is highly recommended that you do not go out and buy the most expensive gear right away. It is better to rent at first if you can, and try out a bunch of different gear options before committing. Also DJ gear is expensive so you want to know you are really going to want to follow through with it before you blow 10 thousand dollars on a awesome new Pioneer setup. 

    Buying all in one controllers like the Pioneer DDJ-SX or the Traktor S4 are good cheaper ways to start out. You could also get a cheap or used pair of Pioneer or Denon CDJ's and a Numark mixer.  There are even cheaper options as well, however, you don't want to get something too junky because then you will not get the full experience of DJ'ing properly. 

    The key point about buying your first set of gear is that it doesn't really matter what it is as long as you can practice on it. Try to spend around $500 - $1000 on your first gear purchase, try it out and then worry about the expensive gear a few months down the road. 

    3) Choosing Software

      DJ'ing is way easier now with all the DJ software coming out. Traktor, Serato Itch, Serato Intro and Serato Scratch Live are all good options for learning how to DJ, and these are the ones we would recommend. Serato Itch is the most simple software to use but has the least amount of features, where Traktor has a lot of features but is harder to use. Just like the hardware it doesn't really matter what DJ software you use out of these options. They will all do the trick. If your more tech wise, maybe go with Traktor, if not perhaps stick to Serato Intro or Itch.

      4) Learning the DJ Techniques 

        Becoming good at DJ'ing is not as simple as hooking up an ipod, it takes a fair bit of time and practice. If your serious about it we highly recommend you sign up to our full online course on how to DJ, as it will greatly speed up your learning process. 

        One thing that is really important to remember when starting out is that DJ'ing is %80 song selection and %20 mixing skills. So don't freak out if you are not great at mixing, it will come with practice, and with a few basic skills you can rock a party and still not be amazing at mixing. 

        5) What Music to Play?

          You may ask ok well if %80 of being a good DJ is what music I play then how do I know what to play? You generally want high energy tracks that are going to make people dance. Start researching your music or style heavily. Go to clubs, see what works and what doesn't. Listen to DJ mixes on line, write down track names. Listen to radio stations and write down track names. Watch videos and write down track names. Download, download, download. Keep in mind however, that you want to be really selective about the songs you choose. Only choose ones that you think are really good. To play an hour long DJ set it is recommended that you have at least a hundred songs, preferably a bit more. 

          6) Learning the Skills

            Want to learn how to mix, scratch, cut and more. You can learn how to do all this your self however it will be way faster and more fun if you check out our videos on how to DJ here, or get a private instructor. Start with learning how to control your gain and volume levels and then move on to fading from one track to another. These are the absolute essentials. Just with those two skills you can rock a party and get gigs. After you have those skills mastered try learning how to mix two songs together, and try messing around with scratching. Scratching is by far the most difficult skill and can take years to truly master. 

            7) Get a Gig

              Once you feel confident that you have learned the basics of DJ'ing its time to get a gig. It is recommended that you start with smaller gigs and work your way up. Maybe try to get a gig at a local pub, house party, or small event. These gigs will have less focus on the DJ but will still allow you to practice how your songs work on the crowd and your DJ skills. Once you feel comfortable in the smaller gigs try to get a gig at a smaller nightclub, perhaps on a weeknight when it's slower, then move to bigger clubs on weekends. You can move up fast, even within a few months, but its good to know where you are at so that if you get a prime time massive gig on saturday night you don't mess it up. 


              Knowing your music, and how the crowd reacts to particular songs or combinations of songs is the most important thing. Make sure to focus on this and the basic skills at first and you will have a solid foundation to being a DJ. 

              Good Luck! And remember to sign up to Spin Academy to jumpstart your career as a DJ. 

              Spin Academy offers tutorials and many different platforms and there are constantly more being added; here is a list of some of the platforms.

              • Traktor
              • Traktor Pro 2
              • Traktor Scratch
              • Serato Scratch Live
              • Serato Itch
              • Ableton Live
              • Pioneer CDJ's
              • Pioneer Mixers
              • Techniques 1200's Turntables
              • Traktor Controllers
              • Pioneer Controllers
              • Numark Controllers
              • Vestax Controllers
              • and more...

              serato traktor ableton

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