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Have you ever wondered how DJ Tiesto got his stage name? or why DJ’s like Skrillex have such strange names? Well the team over at White Lotus DJ & Events have put together an interesting infographic explaining how these famous DJ names came to be.


How 5 Famous Dj's Got Their Names
Courtesy of: White Lotus DJ & Events

Not everything about DJing is about the music or playing out. This has always been the case and it’s especially true nowadays, as it’s become vital for DJs in today’s entertainment world to be their own agent and sustain their brand in order to survive.

What Do You Mean by Brand?

This is your face as a DJ and it applies to both the personal image you put forward at shows (including what kind of music you play), as well as how you’re represented online and to promoters. You want the music you play to complement the kind of brand you want to promote, and vice versa.

How You Carry Yourself

How do you achieve this? An example would be to consider the different ways popular DJs carry themselves online. Think of the way Deadmau5 acts on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube and how it represents him as an artist, versus someone like Laidback Luke who has a more professional air online. This also applies at shows; how you act towards promoters will trickle through your local scene and influence how many shows you get booked for, as well as the type of shows you’re asked to play.

I can’t stress how important attitude is for promoters when they’re choosing which DJs to book.

Create an Online Image for Yourself

Ever hear some great remix? You know the remixer, but you just can’t find any of their info. Don’t be this person. First of all make sure you have channels for people to find you though, whether it’s Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Twitter or something else. Make sure you have social media profiles, and make sure you keep these profiles up to date and looking presentable.

Google yourself to make sure people can find your name easily. Make sure your contact info is readily available; people won’t book you if they have to work to contact you.

Make sure your stuff doesn’t look tacky (unless that’s the look you’re going for). Keep it simple if you need to but make sure everything is filled out and you have some nice looking pictures as well. Put your name and contact info in any music meta data you may have. When you talk to industry people, make sure you have a card – if someone wants to book you they’ll only have so much patience in trying to find you!

Keeping up a good online and in-person image is the first step in creating a brand for yourself.

Next time we’ll explore branding image some more and talk about some more things you can do to build a concrete brand for yourself.

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