Itís obviously important as a DJ to keep new music flowing into those crates and to stay ahead of the curve, here are some tips to do that.

Keep a ĎHot Boxí of Records
I have a special playlist in my iTunes called the ĎHot Boxí list. I can only keep 15 songs in here and itís a mixture of two types of tracks:

1) Songs that are really hot right now. These are songs that I get in there because I know they have a good reaction right now. When I stop getting this effect from them they will be retired to make more room for the second type of record I put in.

2) New bangers. These are tracks that Iíve found that I think will really make the room go off. Sometimes they won’t, maybe not the right crowd or just doesnít have the desired effect. If they do well they push out dying tracks. If they donít they wonít stay in there for more than a week or two.

This helps me keep track of songs I want to play in a night, in case there’s something new I picked up and forgot about as well as a quick reference for some of the songs I should be dropping in a night because I know theyíll set the room off especially around the end of the night.

Make digging for tracks a routine
When I get time over the week Iíll look for tracks. But every Saturday before I go to my gig I budget two hours to do a couple of things, in this order:

- Itís always great to look for new sources of music to add to your regular places.

- Buffer whatís been working, if youíre playing a lot of trap lately get some more stuff to add to your collection.

- Dig for new music, always try and find somthing weird to throw in there itís important to try and take risks when you can.

- Go over my play lists see what’s not fresh anymore and take it out to make room for newer stuff I just downloaded.

Go over your history !
Centered at computer users but this seems like a given I think a lot of people donít do. This is great especially right after a gig when itís still fresh in your mind. Go over what worked and what didnít. Look back a couple weeks and see if there are a couple tracks youíve been playing every week and just donít play them at your next gig. Youíll probably be pleasantly surprised by forcing yourself to try some other tracks in their place. the main purpose of this though is addressing what worked and what didnít for you at your previous gig.

Try to stay ahead of the curve
Follow genre music blogs. Look for emerging trends and try to be the first one to try them out. If they donít go over great the first week give it a week or two and try again. Try and follow what’s coming up and get ahead of it. Always remember to try and take a risk.

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