Deep House is quickly becoming a huge genre as the sound of 90s house music regains its former popularity lending itself towards more soulful, complex melodic melodies. To many out there, this is going to seem totally out dated at this point. In many places, Deep House is already huge. But as a 21 year old in a college town where Progressive and Electro House are the be all, end all of the regular EDM fan, sometimes by accident I’m a late adopter of new ‘trends’.
When I first saw Deep House on the rise I wanted to know how and what was pushing the genre to new popularity, but had a hard time finding anything online to explain some of the factors behind it. So I will here, quickly attempt to go over just a couple causes for the explosion of Deep House, so in no particular order:

Although not all of their music can be directly called ‘Deep House’ they have undoubtedly had an huge influence on pushing the genre to a second resurgence. Disclosure have a number of tracks making the top 20 in the UK, tracks such as ‘White Noise’ and ‘Latch’.

The band debuted in 2010 and had their first hit single in 2012 ‘Latch’, they have undoubtedly had a hand in exposing more people to the Deep House sound, contributing to it’s popularity.

Dying down of Dubstep
It’s clear Trap has been the new big thing in Bass Music(Along with other genres), as the Dubstep ‘fad’ dies down, it has given room for Deep House to pick up popularity again.
Dubstep producer Skream, although misquoted as saying ‘Dubstep is Dead’, he has clearly been moving away from the genre. Expressing interest in developing a more house and tech-oriented sound.
It’s also just a nice change, from the rowdy dirty drops of Dubstep to the more melodic soulful sounds that Deep House brings to the table. When you listen to early Dubstep when it still sounds closer to UK Garage, you can see how it picked up popularity. Now when you surf Beatport top ten it seems like a competition to make the biggest drop, with over the top basslines. Deep House provides a break from this and really gets back to the UK garage roots that Dubstep came from.

Berlin Underground is above ground
In the United States, and North America it’s very rare for an artist to push their way up or get caught and brought up to the top by the quality of their music. It’s nothing against the culture but radio is much more commercial in North America than it is in the UK. UK Radio shows and hosts such as Pete Tong allow for artists to climb much quicker based on the quality of their music.
As Deep House tracks leak into popular radio, and UK charts, suddenly many people have begun supporting it, often without knowing what it is. The music being played in Berlin’s Underground scene has exploded on the verge of being mainstream. Where mainstream clubbers pack into Berlin clubs to hear the Deep House sounds that they wouldn’t normally venture to hear.

Here are some great deep house tracks for sampling:
Submotion Orchestra – Thinking (Mark Knight Remix):
Ben Pearce – What I Might Do (Harry Wolfman Remix):

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