This is the second post on advice and tips for beginner DJs. I want to continue to offer some tips and tricks for DJs trying to get out there and learn the ropes of DJing. I wanted to aim this towards beginner DJs who might have a couple gigs under their belt but need some tips to leep building themselves in the scene.

Maybe you could do it better, but that’s not the point
Now that you are going out on the town and checking out other local DJs or other big name acts, you will probably find yourself walking into the club listening to the DJ and thinking, “I could do a better job than this!”. Maybe this is true and maybe it’s not but that’s not the point. Whether it’s a house party or a big club that DJs there for some reason, try to take something from what they’re doing whether it be their song selection how they act on the mic or maybe some trick they did. Take something from their set and go home and build on it and improve it.

Keep your face out there
Maybe you’ve had a couple gigs opened a show or two. Keep looking for this kind of gig, go out still when you are at the club, talk to promoters, you don’t want to be demanding, just make sure people know who you are and what it is you are looking for.

Another idea is to talk to local pubs who might want to have a DJ night once a week, look for opportunities to build your following and your experience. If you can’t find any make some, some simple ideas are a house party or a small club night if you can get the people together to support it. I’ve seen lots of people start small promotion companies in order to build a following from throwing events.

Even small gigs playing to half empty rooms are fantastic practice, take any gig you can get (assuming you are properly prepared for them) and the more varieties the better.

Most young DJs want to get straight into big rooms, but it’s important to get as many small gigs as you can. DJ your friends party or anything else you can do to get some experience playing for a different group of people and trying different things to get them to dance.

Take what you can from the opportunities you get
When you do get that gig at a club opening the night, the next morning open up your computer and look through your track list. Make note of what tracks worked and what didn’t and note what each track’s effect was. This was you can keep track of the songs that might start a dance floor and those that might set it off when its packed.

Keep mastering the techniques
Keep working to mastering the basics until they are second nature. Don’t stop there either, learn new skills. Just because you play house doesn’t mean it isn’t important to learn how to scratch and hip hop DJs can learn to mix in key. These skills are still important no matter what kind of music you play and it’s important to keep challenging yourself to learning more complicated skills. You don’t want to do anything in the club you haven’t mastered at home so make sure to lock down anything you want to do live.