Social media is an unpredictable and ever-changing force in the world of entertainment today. Every time Facebook changes their algorithms, artists and brands scramble to stay on top of the news feed, and every time a social network folds or becomes irrelevant, anyone who built their fan base using that social network is left out in the dust. The unpredictability of social media is biggest the reason why email is one of the most powerful DJ marketing tools in existence today. So how can your use an email list as a powerful DJ marketing tool? As with any marketing strategy, there’s a right and a wrong way to go about things. Here are some of the right things to do when it comes to your email strategy.

Collecting Emails

Before you start sending out emails, obviously you’ll need someone to send them to. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools you can use to collect email addresses of fans for free – the only catch is that you may have to be willing to give something away in exchange.

The easiest way to collect email addresses is straight from your DJ blog. If you’re using a WordPress site, there are plenty of plugins you can use to set up an email signup form right on your homepage. If you want to get the most signups, it’s a good idea to make the email signup form as visible as possible. By placing a signup form at the top of your page, or even using a pop-up form, you’ll make your email list more obvious to your site’s visitors, which will turn into more signups. Another strategy you can use is to offer something like a free download of one of your mixes or some free merch as a reward for signing up to your mailing list.

Of course, you can also collect email addresses the old fashioned way by getting people to sign up in person. Put a signup sheet by the stage or at your merch booth when you’re playing live, or better yet, get someone to walk around with a clipboard asking for email addresses. Again, if you can offer something in return, like free stickers or mixtapes, then your audience will be more likely to see the person passing around your signup sheet as a welcome friend rather than an annoying intruder.

How Often Should You Send Out Email Newsletters?

Now that you’ve got some email addresses collected, you can start reaching out to your followers directly. The trick at this point is to keep people engaged and stop them from unsubscribing. You can do this by offering your followers something of value in every newsletter you send out, and by maintaining a predictable (but not irritating) frequency with your mailouts. Depending on what you want to do with your email list, you may want to send out emails daily weekly, monthly, bimonthly, or even quarterly. Whatever frequency you choose, the point is to make your mailouts predictable; that way your followers won’t suddenly get ten emails in a week after not hearing anything from you in six months.

The main question to ask yourself when determining a schedule is how much value you’ll be including with every email. If you’re sending out a weekly email but you really only have one or two news updates to share throughout the month, then maybe you should scale back to sending monthly or even bimonthly emails. If, on the other hand, you can offer people value on a daily basis – say with a motivational quote, or a link to an interesting video – then go ahead and send out emails every day.

Choose an Email Marketing Platform

When sending out emails, make sure to use a professional email marketing platform like Mailchimp or VerticalResponse. Failure to do so will either send your emails straight to people’s junk folders, or at best, make you look really unprofessional. Using one of these services also means that your emails will be mobile-friendly, which is an essential feature, considering that people tend to check their email on their phone just as often as they do on a desktop these days. Each of these services offers their own advantages and disadvantages, but none is objectively better than the other. Just choose one you feel comfortable with and stick with it.

What Should You Write About?

Just like your DJ blog, your email list doesn’t just have to be about your life as a DJ. You could use it to offer production tips, fashion advice, or even social commentary. Narrowing the focus of your email topics will help you reach a more niche audience, which will mean that you’ll be able to grow your email list faster. Just make sure people know what they’re signing up for when they join your mailing list; you wouldn’t want to join an email list from a website offering tutorials on how to build your own recording studio, only to receive daily emails containing nothing but vegan recipes and cooking tips.

The best part of using an email list as part of your DJ marketing strategy is that you maintain complete control over the product. No matter how many times Facebook changes their algorithm, they can’t take away email addresses you’ve gathered through your own blog or website.

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