DJ Tips

†The Top 5 DJ Tips to Blowing the Roof Off Your Gig†

1) Prepare Your Set in Advance

Iím not saying you should go to your gig and have every song, or mix planned out, but what Iím saying is to get your music ready before your gig. What I mean by this is build a crate or two of the songs you plan on playing for your gig.† Do some experimenting with groups of songs that mix well together, and know approximately how much music you are going to need for that night.

2) Get High Energy Tracks

On occasion people want to hear mellow anthems or other slow tracks at clubs, but the majority of the time they want high energy songs. Whether itís hip hop, or electro you are playing, make sure you find lots of high energy tracks. How you build and control the energy in the room will make or break you as a DJ. A lot of DJís say you have to read the crowd and go with them, but you also want to be able to control and create the energy you want for the room.

3) Know Your Audience

Go to the club you are playing at before you play there, preferable on the same night and theme of which you will be playing in the future. Take note of the songs the other DJ is playing as a general guideline of what works and what doesnít. Ask the manager if this is the type of music and crowd that normally is there. This is one of the most important DJ tips to know, and while you canít predict the exact type of people that are going to be there when you play, you can probably get a pretty good idea.

4) When to Play Hits and Bangers

This is one of those DJ tips that all proís will know but few DJs new to game will. Donít play all the bangers at the beginning of the night! You have to make sure you spread them out over the night. When I started DJíing I would get anxious that nobody was dancing at 9:30 pm, or even 10:30 pm, but the reality is at most clubs nobody will dance until later no matter what you play. Most people donít show up to clubs before 11:00 pm, so wait at least until after that in 90% of the cases.

5) Your Music is Not Their Music

Everybody has different taste of music. Just because you are super into a certain track doesnít mean everybody else is. I canít tell you how many DJís think they are blowing the roof off the club because they and a few of their friends are super into what they are playing but no one else is. Watch the crowd, see how they react to your music. If they aren’t digging what your throwing down, switch it up. This is one of those DJ tips I give out often, because so many DJís make this mistake.

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