The obvious places people think of DJs are places like nightclubs, festivals, places that are large entertainment venues. But with the especially growing ease of being able to acquire DJ gear, and practice DJing there are tons of other places DJs can become a viable form of entertainment.

This is for DJs playing house parties, beach parties, or maybe an easy bedroom setup. They all have dead easy set ups, as well as ultra portability without taking too much away from their usability. Letís look at some of the options available.

Traktor iPad app:
Example: Traktor Kontrol Z1 or Traktor iPad app with a Traktor Cable:

The Traktor Kontrol Z1 mixer with the Traktor iPad app actually packs a lot of punch in terms of the features youíre getting. This is because the Traktor iPad app really has a lot of features included in it, and using it in tandem with the Kontrol Z1 still gives you a hands on feel with that important central purpose of mixing without sacrificing mobility or space. Even without the Kontrol Z1, the Traktor DJ app using a Traktor cable still gives a lot of capability to DJ well with a simple setup.




Example: Pepper Deckís Djoclate II Mini-mixer:

This little number is great for the ultra mobile. Its set up so that you need just two iPods and a set of headphones. This goes with the idea well because in the day and age itís not unlikley for people to have two iPods, maybe an old iPod mini and an iPhone, or maybe an iPad and an iPhone. It just needs to forms of audio input. It would also be extremely easy to set up.

The problem with a number like this and other models of ultra small mixers is that although this mixer gives you headphones input to cue and mix, a basic iPod has no good native way to cue a track, so although the mixers set up to cue and mix two audio inputs, it just won’t work well unless you have something like a CDJ, and at that point you may as well just use a normal size mixer anyway.




No computer controllers:
Example: Stanton SCS4DJ Controller

For someone who needs to move their gear easy or fit in a small space this is a great option. The design has really taken in all the bare necessities of what you need to DJ on two decks, added in some other cool features, and removed the need for a computer.

The only thing that would worry me is just the same thing any non-computer setup is that using a computer make accessing your music library very easy. Not a huge deal though, this controller is really great idea giving a huge amount of features, good design and removing the need for a laptop.

Mainstream controllers:
Example: Traktor Kontrol S2

This is your go to controllers. Their tried and tested and used by everyone from big name DJs to your local bedroom DJ. These controllers are designed well and have been proved time and time again to work well with a ton of awesome features. This is without sacrificing space or weight, these controllers are still extremely easy to setup, and very portable.

The big drawback is price. These controllers are on the higher price range. The Traktor S4 can be pretty pricey and I donít think a lot of people even know that the S2 exists. But worth the extra price.

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