What’s on your new years resolution list this year? Eat healthier? Get to the gym more? How about resolving to become a better DJ in 2015?

Sure, a lot of people give up on their resolutions after only a few weeks (or maybe a few days…) but what if you made some resolutions this year you could really stick to? If you want to become a better DJ in 2015, you can start by making a few realistic, achievable, and fun resolutions to help you kick off the year on the right foot. Here are a few suggestions to help get you going.

Listen to More Music

If you’re a DJ, or you want to learn to DJ this year, there’s a pretty good chance you like listening to music. You probably spend a lot of time streaming music online, listening to podcasts, listening to singles at record shops, and so on. But how often do you actually stop and listen to music? I mean really listen?

Often when we’re focused on a task – preparing a setlist, searching for the next big “undiscovered” artist – we get caught up in the details of the task itself and forget to pay attention to (and enjoy) what we’re doing.

One of the best ways to become a better DJ in 2015 is simply to listen more. Turn off your DJ brain (“what’s the BPM of this song? would this be a good song to remix?”) and simply spend some time enjoying music this year.

Do Something Totally Crazy

Making a resolution to do something totally crazy in the new year sounds like a recipe for disaster for many people, but if your focus is on becoming a better DJ in 2015, doing something totally crazy might be exactly what you need. Often, doing something crazy might mean doing something you’ve been scared to do for a long time, or doing something you simply don’t enjoy. For example, you could try spinning songs from a genre you hate, using a piece of gear or software you never thought you’d use, wearing a Halloween costume next time you perform, or coming up with some crazy theme to promote your next gig.

Why is it a good idea to do something totally crazy this year? Because this will get you outside of your comfort zone, which is the push many people need to really develop as artists. Resolving to do something you don’t want to do might actually take you to where you want to be this year.

Establish a Healthy Routine

On the flip side of doing something crazy is the idea of implementing some sort of new schedule or routine into your lifestyle in order to help you achieve your long-term goals. Maybe you want to develop a bigger online following or get booked for more gigs. Or maybe you simply want to get better at playing a certain style of music. These types of goals can take a long time to achieve, so instead of getting frustrated when you don’t see results after only a few weeks, come up with a long-term plan that you know you’ll stick to. For example, if you want to develop a bigger online following, create a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule for posting to social media, uploading mixes, releasing podcasts, or whatever it is you plan to do.

With a realistic schedule in place, it will be much easier to stay on top of your objectives. Plus, this way you’ll be able to keep track of what works and what doesn’t work so you can be more efficient with your time this year.

Learn Some New Skills

If you really want to become a better DJ this year, try thinking like a student. After all, if you want to get better at something, you need to start with the right education.

Think about what DJ skill or skills could you benefit from learning this year. Perhaps you could benefit from learning something specific like new scratch techniques, or perhaps you simply want to become a better all-around performer. Identify the areas where you need improvement and then get out there and start learning.

You can start 2015 off right by signing up for some lessons right here at Spin Academy. We offer a wide range of online tutorials taught by pro DJs covering everything from what gear to buy to advanced DJ tricks like how to mix on the half time. When it comes to improving your skills, we’ve got everything you need to become a better DJ right here.