Every DJ needs a place where they can set up their DJ gear, store some records, and maybe keep some keyboards and other production tools. The problem is, most of us can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on a custom piece of DJ furniture, but we don’t want to just set up our turntables on a piece of plywood held up by some cinder blocks either. Fortunately, there’s a great way to build a cheap DJ booth that not only works well but also looks pretty sweet. It’s called the IKEA DJ booth hack.

What You’ll Need

The main component in the IKEA DJ booth is the KALLAX 2X4 bookshelf, which costs about $100 and comes in a variety of interesting colors like yellow, red, and green, as well as plain old black, white, and natural wood. While you’re at IKEA, you’ll also want to pick up one set of 4 4″ CAPITA cabinet legs ($15), one set of 2 6” CAPITA countertop brackets ($20), and one 74″ LACK wall shelf ($30). All together your bill should add up to about $165 plus tax. The only tools you’ll need for this project are a drill with a 3/4” drill bit and a measuring tape.

Some Assembly Required

The first thing to do to get your cheap DJ booth started is to assemble the KALLAX bookshelf. You don’t even need to be able to read to understand the instructions so putting it together should be fairly simple. Rather than standing the bookshelf up vertically, however, you’re going to flip it on its side and use the CAPITA cabinet legs to support it. Install one leg on each corner of the bottom of the KALLAX using the drill and the tools provided in the CAPITA box and you’re good to go. Of course, this step is optional as some people simply flip the bookshelf on its side and leave it sitting on the ground. The final step (and this is where the magic happens) is to mount the LACK wall shelf on top of the bookshelf using the CAPITA angled countertop brackets. This is where the measuring tape comes in. As the LACK shelf is wider than the KALLAX, you’ll want to make sure the overhang on both sides is even. In this case, the KALLAX measures 58” across while the LACK measures 74” across, so you’ll want to leave 8” of the LACK hanging over each side. Once you’ve got everything drilled in, you should have a beautiful new cheap DJ booth that looks something like this:


Options for Customization

The KALLAX shelf comes in a variety of sizes, so you can always mix things up by using a different number of shelves on your unit. You could also experiment with adding six or eight legs instead of just four, or by mounting the LACK shelf on top with straight rather than angled brackets. As long as you’re using the same name series for each piece, the end results will be similar. For further customization, IKEA gives you lots of color options to play with, and you can even turn things up a notch with some funky colored pot lights, like this:


A good practice space is an important tool for anyone who wants to improve their DJ skills. If you’re taking lessons through a service like Spin Academy’s Online DJ School, your cheap DJ booth can become your new home base for learning new techniques, running through your sets, or just relaxing and listening to some great music. Plus it will make your bedroom or whatever room you set it up in look pretty cool too.