So you understand the basic philosophy of how house tracks are built, you’ve mastered some basic moves, and maybe even learned some advanced house DJ tricks? You’re on your way to becoming a great house DJ, but before heading out on the dance floor, you need to answer one more crucial question: which songs are you going to play? House music is all about flow and energy, so even if you have the best moves in the world, you’ll fall on your face if you don’t understand how to plan a house DJ set that makes people want to dance. Here’s what you need to know about song selection and set planning before you play a house DJ set.

To Plan or Not to Plan?

Discussions surrounding how to plan a house DJ set can get controversial pretty quickly; some people will tell you that you need to plan your whole set from start to finish to avoid messing up in front of everyone, while others will tell you that any type of planning equates to cheating. So how much planning should you do? The answer will depend on your personality and how you like to work as a DJ.

Most people will find that planning a whole setlist from start to finish feels stale, while improvising the whole time leaves too much up to chance. A good middle ground approach is to choose a number of potential songs for each set, and organize them into groups that work well together. These might be songs in the same key, songs with a similar energy level, songs at the same bpm, or songs with some other common denominator. Then, rather than planning every single song back to back, you can plan when to move from one group to the next, and then pick different songs from each group every night depending on how you’re feeling.

Start Out Slow and Strong

To figure out how to plan a house DJ set that keeps people dancing from start to finish, you want to plan a set that helps people ease into the music, rather than hitting them over the head with a huge track right out of the gate. Start at a lower tempo (less than 120 bpm) to help people get warmed up, and pick something with a strong bassline and kick drum to get the blood flowing through people’s bodies.

Follow the Room Energy

If you plan your set around groups of songs, you’ll be able to shape your set around the energy in the room. If people are looking tired, switch to a slower song or two to give everyone some breathing room. Because house set are meant to be smooth, you’ll want to move in small increments. So rather than switching from a song at 126 bpm straight to one at 112 bpm, move a few bpm at a time. The idea is to keep people dancing and not leave room for anything to take them out of the moment.

Work in Arcs

To determine how to plan a house DJ set with the most impact, it helps to think about several arcs happening at once. First you have the overall arc of the set, which should slowly build up to a peak, before taking some time to cool off after the climax. You can also have smaller arcs within the set where you move from a lower energy level to a higher energy level, or vice versa. You’ll also have mini arcs that occur within each song. These arcs are all about taking people on a journey. For a successful house set, you’ll want to take people on a journey within each song, from song to song, and from the beginning of the set to the end.

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