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DJ Roshan

Instructor: DJ Roshan

DJ Roshan holds down some of this prestigious Friday and Saturday night residencies on the West Coast of Canada including ones at Touch Lounge, and Sugar Nightclub. His ability to blow up big rooms on every occasion has made him a DJ in high demand. Unlike many DJs who stick to one genre DJ Roshan is extremely versatile and will spin anything from new dance music to classic rock.

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Novation Dicers

by DJ Roshan 6:06

Check out our in depth review on the Novation Dicers.

Pioneer DDJ-S1 Review

by DJ Roshan 6:19

Check out our review of the Pioneer DDJ-S1.

Setting Up For Your DJ Gig

by DJ Roshan 8:14

Opening vs Headlining vs Closing DJ

by DJ Roshan 9:06

How to Loop a Vocal at the End of a Track

by DJ Roshan 1:49

This trick is one of my favorites to use because it allows you to overlap the vocals of the track your mixing out of into the track your mixing into, which can create a seamless transition from one song to another.

How to Beatmatch

by DJ Roshan 7:01

This course teaches you the fundamentals of beatmatching. It goes over the key pointers in maintaining a mix so it doesn’t end up with a shoes in the dryer or train wreck sound.

How to Make a Professional Demo Mix

by DJ Roshan 11:44

This lesson teaches you how to make a professional demo mix and how to use it to land a gig.

How to Use a Fader Over a Sweeper

by DJ Roshan 1:45

You can get really creative by using a fader over a sweeper as well as other things to create a unique effect. This is a really fun trick to preform and can add a organic feel to your set.

How to Mix from the Buildup of a Song

by DJ Roshan 1:47

Mixing right from the buildup of a song can keep the energy really high during your sets and make people loose it. You definitely are going to want to add this to your tool belt of tricks.

Where to Get Music

by DJ Roshan 14:58

In this tutorial I will guide you to the best places to find great music.

Getting to Know Your Serato Itch Interface

by DJ Roshan 5:20

This tutorial teaches you the basics of how to use the Serato Itch interface.

Mixing in Key With Mixed In Key

by DJ Roshan 5:50

In this lesson you will learn one of the most crucial elements to finding songs that fit together: how to mix in key! We go in depth in not only to how to mix in key but also how to use the program Mixed In Key to make it super easy and fun to do. We guarantee this is a must watch video for all DJ’s who don’t know how to mix in key.

Getting to Know Your Traktor Interface

by DJ Roshan 9:13

This tutorial teaches you the basics of how to use the Traktor interface.

Beatmatching Tricks In Serato Scratch Live

by DJ Roshan 2:10

There are a number of key features in Serato that make beatmatching a million times easier. In this lesson we teach you all of the tricks to make beatmatching a painless, fast, and fun process for you.

Beatmatching Tricks in Traktor

by DJ Roshan 5:35

There are a number of key features in Traktor that make beatmatching a million times easier. In this lesson we teach you all of the tricks to make beatmatching a painless, fast, and fun process for you.

Phrasing Tricks In Serato And Traktor

by DJ Roshan 2:30

Phrasing is key in making smooth transitions and keeping the energy high in your DJ set. In this tutorial we spill the goods on tricks on how to use your software when composing you phrases.

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