Virtual DJ is an excellent piece of technology for both beginner DJ as well as someone thinking of making the switch from CDs or vinyl to start using a laptop in their DJ set up. Iíll start by going over why YOU might want to check out virtual DJ and then what options they have available and what might be right for you.

So first, why should you consider using virtual DJ?

For the beginner virtual DJ provides an excellent way to learn how to DJ. First of all its very similar in its lower layout to most music programs like iTunes, so this part of the software comes fairly intuitively. The other part is that as a whole the software is not cluttered and allows for easy learning of what the various buttons do. Most importantly the way the deck play/ pause/ pitch meter is set up is very similar to that of real decks, helping you to get an understanding of how the whole system is set up, and meant to be used. A good example of this is the beat grid at the top. Each 4 bars has a dot at the top and the fourth beat has a longer rectangle. This helps a beginner start working within 4 bars.

So what about the seasoned DJs. If youíre thinking of making the switch from CDs or records, why use virtual DJ? Iíve often liked the idea of switching to using CDs and not having to worry about my laptop at the club. But laptops bring such huge access to music that and ease of use that even the newest CD decks canít measure up to. The new pioneer CDJs are much better and incredibly intuitive, however I canít think of a random song off the top of my head and load it in 3 seconds and have it ready to mix in, and this is what is so effective about using a laptop. The access to unlimited music is so easy.

This goes for experienced mobile DJs as well, there’s enough stuff to move. Using a small controller and a laptop gives you access to so much music as itís a good idea to make the switch if you haven’t already.

So what does Virtual DJ offer you?

Virtual DJ has plug and play setup for a multitude of controllers from the Mixtrack Pro or the Pioneer DDJ-ERGO. This is extremely handy for beginners as to save from investing in high end DJ gear to get started. These are solid controllers and a great starting point for a new DJ. Mobile DJs can also benefit greatly from these as it saves bringing more heavy equipment. Resident DJs and Pros can benefit from mobile DJ as well as most of the latest CDJ generation are built for plug and play with Virtual DJ. This also means that even if you start out on a controller you can move up comfortably to more complex gear without having to learn new software.

As such Virtual DJ provides excellent software option for someone looking to start DJing and learn the ropes or as someone with experience thinking of making the switch over to the laptop world.

If you want to learn more about DJ’ing and gear we highly recommend you check out our online DJ School Spin Academy.

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