So you scored a gig at the awesome club in town youíve always wanted to play, what next ?

Go check out the crowd
This is paramount. Just because itís a top 40 club, or just because itís a hip hop club doesnít mean you can walk in and just play any set for the respective genre and blow the club away.

You will of course play for the crowd when youíre there, but donít miss out on a head start. Many clubs have frequenting customers who are coming week in and week out, these peoples taste in music wonít change from one week to another.

Go a week or two in advance and check out the club. Get a feel for what the crowd is vibing to in advance, what tracks are people reacting too and what tracks is the DJ playing that are missing their mark.

As a personal example, two nightclubs in town are both respectively top 40 clubs, one of them I can always get away with playing a good amount of house and electro at with top 40 and it really gets people going. The other it kills the vibe and they always react much better to hip hop. I always have to remember to use these different starting points when playing at each club.

Scout the gear
Lots of clubs will provide different degrees of gear. Make sure to talk to a sound guy or promoter or some one so you know what’s available to use, what the DJ before or after you plans on using, so youíre not getting surprised right as youíre setting up. Iíve gotten calls from promoter friends of mine half an hour before a show because it turns out the club doesnít have a Serato box like they expected.

Prepare for your time slot
This is a two part thing. One is the most obvious that is talked about a lot which is know how to build the room. Donít go blasting anthems and high energy music at ten oíclock, make sure you know the genre and how to build the mood and energy in that room.

The second part is for when you go to check out that night a week in advance donít just watch how the crowd reacts, pay attention when the room fills up, how many people come at what time and in what mood they are coming to the club in, so you know what to expect and what you might be able to get away with.

With all that in mind
Donít forget to just have a fun time no matter what, people will vibe off your positive energy, make sure you have a good time !

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