There’s lots of information out there about different ways to get prepared for your DJ gigs, but what should you bring along ?

The Bare Necessities

You would think its easy to bring those basic things you need for a gig, but always make sure you have absolutely all your main setup elements before you leave.

Check to make sure you have your laptop, charger, sound card and some RCAís. Helicopter pilots always do a preflight check this should be your pre gig routine to make sure you have everything you absolutely need. Write a list and keep it near where you keep your bag. This advice goes especially for DJs with lots of small parts, a couple controller cords and the like.

If you need to pack in a rush having a list makes it easier to quickly and easily make sure you have all your must haves with you.

The Extras

Always pack at least one or two extras of stuff you need. Itís not unlikely an RCA will stop working or a control CD will be too scratched or dirty to use. Anything its fairly easy to acquire itís good to have a backup or two of, this includes things like:
-USB Cords
-Control CDs/ Records
-Extra Needles

The bonus is too, often times other DJs will not have these things prepared and itís always nice to be able to help out a fellow DJ with an extra USB cord.

The Backups

Sometimes in live performances stuff goes wrong. Iíve had three nights in the last two years where my Serato box stops taking input from itís CD players. All these nights I survived because I have an extra small MIDI controller that I have mapped to control pitch and cues.

Always be ready for something to fail. I try to carry a quarter inch with at least a set of earbuds somthing I can moniter with in case my headphones go. A controller in case my control inputs fail for whatever reason. I have a CD or two incase my laptop crashes, and an Auxiliary to RCA in case I need to jam my iPhone in quickly and throw on a mix.

Obviously you canít be prepared for every situation but the more the better !

Remember, Arrive Early !

Make sure you show up early and be prepared with what the club has for you to use and what you have to bring. Controller users be aware of how big the booth is and how much room you have for your controller. Showing up early give you time to say hi to the other DJ and let you get almost set up without being rushed and disturbing them. Be polite in the booth !

If you want to learn more about DJ’ing and gear we highly recommend you check out our online DJ School here at Spin Academy.