I have been eyeing this mixer up for a while, so I was pretty excited to finally get the opportunity to demo it. Iím going to go over some of the features I used the most over the time I got to use it.

The Crossfader
Of course stands up to the normal high quality of build of the rane mixers Iíve used. The crossfaders incredibly smooth and adjusts to the contour well. Not only that but the contour knobs are now located on the front as knobs which I like a lot more than on the top as they were on the 57.

I was a bit worried with the smaller pushed up EQ section on the 62 compared to the 57 which has it fairly central in the mixer. That being said I was pleasantly surprised, it was still extremely easy to use.
And now located right beside your EQ knobs for each deck, one of my favorite things on the Rane 62 is finally having filter knobs on it. This is something I love on a lot of mixers and itís great seeing it on the 62. Although some people might use a variety of the color effects that a more effect focused mixer like the djm 900 is, I use filter ninety percent of the time so I was more than happy with just having that, it keeps it simple and works great.

This was my one major issue with this mixer, now this isnít an issue with the mixer per say but itís my one major issue with Serato is the effects just donít measure up in range and sound quality of Traktorís. This is likely because Seratoís more focused towards turntablists, who probably are using less effects, but it just feels like night and day.
That being said the Flex FX is worlds more intuitive on the Rane 62 than it was on the 57. The new FX controls are extremely easy to use as they are designed similarly to the way they are on other mixers so it takes no time at all to pick up.

Looping/ Cueing
The looping took me a minute to figure out but its pretty straight forward I really like being able to use knobs to roll up the loops it makes doing builds a lot easier than even doing it on dicers. The knob to turn up the loops smaller or larger is extremely comfortable and is just the right resistance for you to be able to comfortably turn the loop up without accidently making it much smaller or larger, this feels a lot more natural than doing it on the dicers where Iím worried I might let go of the loop when Iím rolling it up.
The queuing is another thing I love about this mixer, the big lit up buttons are a huge improvement on the small black ones on the 57, they feels awesome and are extremely responsive.
Just having the assigned controls in general was awesome, theyíre not cluttered, and donít take too much space on the mixer. they’re also a lot easier to get a handle on than the groups on the Rane 57, making it much easier to just plug and play at a club.

I really loved getting the chance to use this mixer, I wish I had more time to use the sample decks, but what I did get to use worked fantastic. The mixer feels like a huge step in the right direction and is for sure up in my top 2 mixers. For sure check this one out.

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