If you’ve been looking up music marketing strategies online, you may have noticed a lot of people talking about social networks like Facebook and Twitter, but not as many people talking about the idea of starting your own DJ blog. While blogs may not get as much attention as other types of social media, starting a DJ blog could actually be the best thing you can do to build your brand as a DJ and start to earn a living from your art. Here’s how to win at social media by starting your own DJ blog.

The Scary Truth about Social Networks

Much of the conventional wisdom about “getting noticed” online today revolves around building up a big following on social networking sites. The problem with this method is that you never really know how long a social network will last. We all remember what happened with MySpace – many artists who had built their following solely through MySpace were forced to start over from nothing when fans and promoters started to move over to other social networks. Facebook may be huge right now, but who knows how long that will last. If Mark Zuckerberg decides to shut down the website and delete all of your posts tomorrow (which he has every right to do), you need keep building your fan base online another way. That’s where your DJ blog comes in.

But Everybody Has a Blog…

Sure, you may be thinking, blogging is great, but these days everybody has a blog. It’s true that between Tumblr, video blogging on YouTube, Facebook posts, and other types of social networks, many DJs are keeping a record of their lives and getting their story out there. Some DJs even have their own blogs or websites where they talk about what gigs they’re playing, what music they’re into, and anything else they think might be interesting to their fans. These are all decent forms of self-promotion, but the problem is that people using these methods are not truly thinking like bloggers. While many people think a blogger is just someone who writes about their everyday life online, the truth is that bloggers who are serious about building their brand and earning income do much more than just talk about what they ate for lunch.

Expanding Your Following

The problem with the approaches discussed above is that they don’t reach beyond your original fan base. Writing blog posts or posting on social networks talking about your life as a DJ will only really be of interest to people who are already fans of your music. The point of starting a DJ blog is not to engage the fan base you already have, but to reach beyond that fan base and bring in new fans.

So What Should I Blog About?

When we talk about a “DJ blog,” that doesn’t mean a blog about your life as a DJ. In fact, some of the best blogs run by DJs or other freelance musicians don’t have anything to do with DJing at all; they’re about cars or real estate or how to grow your own food. The point is to pick something you’re passionate about (you’ll need to be passionate if you’re going to write about something every week) and create a large volume of good quality content on a regular basis related to that passion. This will help you attract people who are passionate about the same things as you, and chances are, many of the people who found your blog because they share your passion will also become passionate about your music. Not every person who reads your blog will go to your gigs or buy your music online, but some will, and this will create a snowball effect that keeps growing as your blog grows in popularity.

Starting a DJ blog is not a get rich quick scheme, nor is it something you can do just by clicking a few buttons, but if you’re persistent and patient, growing a blog following can become a major way for you to build a name for yourself as a DJ.

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