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We’re all online in one way or another.  It’s definitely a necessity for anyone working in a creative field of business; including DJs.  You probably already have a Facebook page and a Twitter account, but are you maximizing your time on them?

We’ve compiled some general knowledge and tips about getting started with your digital identity.  This may seem like common knowledge to some, but implementing it all in a cohesive manner can sometimes be tricky.

Things you need to start your profiles:
- profile picture
- some sort of ‘logo’
- a number of remixes/mixes/mixtapes
- album art for every mix/remix
- one sentence about you and/or your style
Strengths: You can post a variety of different media that is easily viewed by a large extended network.

Weaknesses: If you have separate personal and persona pages, keeping active without burning out or spamming your network can be difficult.

Tip: Use this as your central hub for everything you do online.  FB’s capacity for conversations as well as media (audio, video, photos, etc.) make it a great place to collect everything related to you.

Strengths: Arguably the best medium to have conversations with your network.

Weaknesses: While being one of the best at connecting people, can oddly also be one of the most un-personal mediums to put yourself on if not done correctly.

Tip: Use twitter the same way you would text or chat with someone.  Sure, you can post links to your stuff, but use this as a platform to give your DJ persona a voice.

Strengths: High quality audio streams that integrate very well with other platforms.

Weaknesses: The tiered account system has upload time limits, so unless you want to pay it doesn’t really work for uploading multiple hour-long mixes.

Tip: To avoid running into your time limit create teaser mixes of your longer DJ sets and/or mixtapes.  Post a link to wherever the full length mix can be streamed or downloaded.

Strengths: You can upload as many hours of mixes as you want, all for free.  Also can tag and timestamp your mixes with buy links for the artists.

Weaknesses: Not as widespread among non-DJs/producers as some other platforms.  Player doesn’t integrate with other sites very well.

Tip: You can use your Mixcloud account as your ‘reel’ to solicit to new promoters and clubs.  Make mixes across different genres and tag everything properly so that people know what they’re going to be listening to.

Strengths: HUGE user-base, excellent social features, and great integration with almost every site on the web.

Weaknesses: Since it is so big, cutting through all of the noise can require a bit more work than some other sites.

Tip: Create videos from your mixes and remixes using After Effects, iMovie, or whatever video editing software you have.  Even though the audio is the primary concern, give people something to look at on the screen.  There are many tutorials on YouTube about how to do this…

Google +
Strengths: It integrates perfectly with all other Google products.

Weaknesses: Everyone spends their time on FB and Twitter, not G+.

Tip: Use this in a similar capacity to FB, but focus on it as a tool for SEO.  Use as many links as possible to your other sites.  This means posting YouTube videos, FB photos, Cloudcasts, everything.  The more links you can make the better.

General Tips:
- Try to use the same email account to set up all of your social media profiles.
- Make posting a daily habit.  You should say something on at least one of your profiles every day.
- Respond to all comments and direct messages from fans.
- Use similar, if not the same, photos and logos across all profiles to create a clear brand.

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