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Music News
Apple is launching their new iTunes Radio service and it looks to be quite good. While there has almost always been a radio service of sorts through the iTunes desktop app, this new version will integrate with all your Apple devices. It will react intelligently to you your current listening habits in iTunes and you can also customize it to suit your personal preferences. For all of you that actually use Siri, iTunes Radio will be fully integrated so that you can talk to your radio.

In recent months we have seen iTunes begin to offer exclusive full album streams before the album is released (Daft Punk, Avenged Sevenfold, etc.). This feature will undoubtedly be used more and more as iTunes Radio takes off. They are also hinting at some iTunes Radio exclusive tracks from major artists.

It appears that the service is free to use, but will include audio and video ads from major companies. However, if you are a subscriber to iTunes Match (their subscription cloud storage), iTunes Radio will be ad-free.

On the surface this seems to be a no-brainer for Apple. They can drive sales of downloads, receive ad revenue, and also subscriptions to their cloud service all through a system that all i-product owners are essentially already using. However, right now iTunes Radio is only available in the USA.
The real question is whether this will put a dent in other radio/streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify…

You Can read more about iTune Radio here

DJ News
Pulselocker is a new streaming/storage/retail service designed specifically for DJs. Think of Spotify mixed with Beatport. A monthly subscription gets you access to their catalogue of over 4 million DJ-centric tracks. There is a tiered pricing model where the more you pay, the larger your ‘locker’ is. This ‘locker’ is a DRM protected folder on your hard drive that can contain 25-1000 songs for online or offline use in DJ software such as Serato and Traktor (with more programs to come). Once a track in your locker has become stale, just swap it out for a new track (like an old-school record bag). This way, you don’t have to purchase an entirely new set of tracks every month, you simply put new ones in your locker. You also will have the options to buy the tracks outright through iTunes and Beatport. The audio quality of ‘locker’ tracks is currently set at 320kbps, but WAVs and AIFFs will soon be available.

Check out their website

New Gear
Pioneer has been a household name in the DJ world for quite some time with both its industry-standard CDJs and a range of mixers. They are now looking at tackling another part of the DJ market; reference monitors. They have designed a new monitor dubbed the “S-DJ X” available in 5, 6, and 8-inch woofer sizes to appease the masses. They come with a host of built-in features such as an auto on/off, built-in equalization, and a wide ‘3D’ sweet spot designed with the DJ and producer specifically in mind. The S-DJ X will be available in September and will come in both black and white.

Top Mix
Montreal’s Tommy Kruise brings the first mix from the Dime MTL crew. Hazed out hip hop for late night roll sessions en route to the club.

Top Download
I seriously can’t get enough of Ta-Ku. This guy is like Australia’s J Dilla. The amount of quality beats he puts out is almost inhuman and we thank him for it. Listen and download his latest work on Drake’s “Over”.






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Music News

Grooveshark has been in a entangled in legal battles over their service for the past few years.  Google has now apparently taken a stance on the issue by blacklisting the streaming service from their search engine.  Read more here

DJ News

The DJ Mag Top 100 DJs voting has now opened, but not everyone is jumping on board.  With news of certain DJs spending big cash to campaign for votes as well as other rumors of general corruption throughout the competition, is the list an accurate representation of the worlds best DJs?

Gareth Emery has already spoken out against the awards, basically telling everyone not to vote for him.  Will other DJs follow suit in a boycott?

Funny or Die has made a great video that shares this viewpoint…

DJ Mag Top 100 Campaign Ads from Alanis Morissette


New Gear

Serato unveiled their new iPad app, Serato Remote.  For $19.99 in the iTunes app store it could be worth a look if you are a Serato user.  They are a bit behind the curve, as Traktor has already released it’s iPad app as well as it’s FREE iPhone app, but it’s good to see them join the party.  The big difference between them is Serato Remote looks like it is meant to be integrated into your DJ rig, while the Traktor app can function as a standalone all-in-one DJ rig.  What do you think?

Go here

Top Mix

Fact Magazine brings a great summer mix from Gerd that starts out a little bit disco and morphs into something bordering on tech-house.  Definitely worth a listen while out in the sun.

Go here

Top Download

Boeboe is a new producer coming out of Amsterdam that just dropped his El Dorado EP.  XLR8R has a stream and download of the track “Amazon Basin”, which is a great listen for hazy summer days.  Check it out below and pick up the EP at his Bandcamp page.

Go here




If you want to learn more about DJing and gear we highly recommend you check out our online DJ School Spin-Academy.

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