The holidays are here again – a time to celebrate with family, drink way too much eggnog, and hopefully unwrap some cool new DJ gear. So if  you’re counting on any of your family and friends to be last minute shoppers (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) there’s still time to put some fun toys on your list. To make the process easier for you, we’ve scoured the year’s new releases from top to bottom to come up with the best gifts for DJs in a variety of price ranges. From DJ controllers to bottle openers, here’s our take on the best new DJ gear to include on your Christmas list.

Stocking Stuffers

Native Instruments iMaschine 2 App

While an app isn’t exactly something you can fit in a stocking, it makes a great affordable gift for any DJ with an iOS device. With even more features than the first version, the iMaschine 2 transforms any iPad or iPhone into a powerful music making tool that you can carry around with you wherever you go.


Technics Bottle Opener

This one really needs to explanation. No other gift so concisely says “hey, I’m a DJ, and I also love beer.”


Under the Tree

KRL Rokit 4 G3 Speakers

A great reward for being good all year would be a nice pair of new studio monitors. KRK makes some of the best monitors available, and this year, they’ve changed up the colour scheme, offering black, white, and silver versions of their popular 4-inch desktop speakers. No other monitors provide the same sound quality at such an affordable price point.


Stokyo Frisk Fader

This handy little device was released at this year’s NAMM show. It’s basically a single fader that attaches to any device via a 1/8’’ cable and fits easily in a pocket or backpack. The Frisk Fader is a simple and stylish tool that with plenty of practical applications.


Splice Sounds Subscription

For DJs and producers who use sample libraries, Splice Sounds offers a subscription service that grants access to over 2,000 sample packs and over 700,000 sounds, all royalty-free and pre-cleared for commercial use. They even offer their own online gift cards at a variety of price points for different types of users.


Spin Academy Subscription

What gift could be better than the gift of knowledge? This year, ask for a subscription to Spin Academy’s online DJ school for unlimited access to our extensive collection of video tutorials. No other gift will tell you more about how to become a better DJ in 2016.


If You’ve Been Really Good This Year

Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX 

Maybe you’ve been really good all year and you’ve got your heart set on a big reward. In that case, what reward could be better than a Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX? This all-in one controller was named the best standalone system at NAMM 2015, so if you’re looking for one controller that does it all, you’d be lucky to find this one under the tree.


Reloop Beatpad 2

2015 was a huge year for mobile DJing. Among the developments this year was the Reloop Beatpad 2 – the first professional cross-platform controller for iOS and Android devices. The Beatpad 2 turns your mobile DJ device into a full-on DJ rig ready for any gig.


Want to know more about which DJ gear to use? Check out our online DJ gear tutorials, where we provide tips on everything from how to get started to where to look for the best pro upgrades. We’ll also be doing plenty more gear reviews in 2016, so keep an eye on the blog in the new year.