Sex on Fire – Richard Sharkey Remix
I finally got around to trying this track this week, I heard it way back when in one of DJ AMís festival sets. Itís a terrific track with great energy and everyone knows the words.

Pumped Up Kicks – Skeet Skeet Show Edit
Lotís of remixes of this track out there, I really hate melancholy sounding top 40 remixes, this ones really up-beat and just sounds great.

Flood – DJ Prestige Love Is Gone Bootleg
I really liked Flood, this is a great edit of it with a nice way to play it out to a top 40 crowd.

Sweet Nothing – Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris is finally on top of the American top 40 charts, everyone knows the words to this one and itís an all round good track.

Titanium – Cazzette remix
Like I said I donít like melancholy top 40, but Iíll make an exception for this one, Iíve always loved Cazzette and the dubstep/ electro remixes they do and this is another great example.

Some Nights – Scene Kings Remix
This is such a good sing-a-long song, It just has fantastic energy and the drops pretty good too.

Space Man – Smerk Walking on a Dream Bootleg
Again a track with tons of remixes and edits, this one is by far my favorite, with a very classic vocal on it, and not taking away from the original.

J-Kwon Tipsy – Candyland Remix
Classic club track with a dubstep-ish remix, goes great with moohmbaton remixes

Thrift Shop – Macklemore
This track is nothing short of blowing up, everyone Iíve talked to who’s heard it loves the track and you should at least check it out, whatever genre of music itís a lot of fun

Christina Aguilera – Your Body
This track is a lot of fun but Iím worried it won’t get a lot of plays because itís 100ish bpm, check it out the girls will love it and itís a great way to light up a dance floor.