This week I wanted to talk a little bit about some of the things to look for when playing rooms of different sizes and some of the different things to expect. Itís easy to get suprised playing a room thats bigger than youíre used to or even one that’s smaller.

Big Rooms
These are your large one multi hundred person (or more!) rooms. I wanted to mention these first because I learned something very valuable in these rooms first that I think a lot of other DJs might miss out on: when to ďpull the triggerĒ.

What I mean by this is knowing when to start playing your tracks to build the floor. Know what the capacity of the room youíre playing is and have some idea of what time and how many people are there before you start playing songs to get people on the dance floor. Before this let the crowd build, let people drink and play music to facilitate this- donít try and force the dance floor before their are enough people to do so.

From there watch the floor to see what’s working, youíre lucky with a packed big room you can take some risks and lose some of your floor itís just important to have something ready to go to bring people back in case things go sideways.

In some of my other posts I got into more detail about playing the course of the night for bigger rooms.

Lounges and Restaurants
Like any room itís still important in a more loungy venue to read the room. Look at what ages are there what the ratio of people is and to play to that crowd accordingly.

Along with this obviously is to keep a good vibe, remember that youíre now playing more background music or playing for a couple people to dance.

Because of this, Itís harder to spot how people are reacting. Most of the time it will take people getting a couple drinks in them to start moving in their seats a bit or to get up and grab a friend and start dancing.

The one important thing to note about lounges and restaurants is that people are coming in for a couple drinks and dinner, most lounges will have servers. This means you have time to wheel them in with a couple tracks. Giving you another thing to look out for, if people are really into the music they might stay for another drink or two.

Medium Sized Rooms
This is your pubs/ smaller dance clubs. Pubs are great because they might still have tables and give people a place to sit congregate and get a couple drinks in the with some friends. Again as I mentioned above itís important here to know when you have enough people to get a floor going.

The big difference with medium size rooms is you have to be more careful with taking risks. That isnít to say you shouldnít do it- you just have to be careful because if you have 100 people on the floor and you play something extremely left field it’s easy to lose a lot of that floor.

Although itís important to be careful itís easier to get a 100 person room going because it seems busy sooner, and it will be easier to get the floor going and raise the energy of the room. Just be careful to watch the time and make sure you keep people their late.

Of course these arenít all the different types of rooms you might play but it covers some of the different situations you might find yourself in and some of the things to expect when youíre there.

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