Today I want to take a more in depth look at using as a tool for finding new music. Resident Advisor is a really expansive site that provides a number of useful tools, such as tools for finding local events and staying in tune with a variety of music news. It also provides some really powerful routes for finding new music. The reason I like using Resident Advisor is because I find that sometimes when I’m using Beatport I get stuck at a genres homepage without knowing where to dig, whereas Resident Advisor provides some much more useful routes.

By Artist

One place to start looking is from the Artist drop down under Music. I’ll start by picking an artist whose work I like, for example Eats Everything, and I’ll go to his page to start. From here there are several ways to start looking for new music to complement your sound. The more cumbersome options such as podcasts, soundcloud and mixes are good because they give you a good variety of music that the artist is listening to right now, but you’ll have to listen through the whole thing for what you like and what you don’t.

My favourite place to find music, however, is under charts. Charts give you a good idea of what the artist is listening to as well as other artists they like. This gives you the chance to find related artists to the sound you’re looking for and investigate them further.

Furthermore you have the option of browsing through some of their tracks, which is especially useful for artists you may have just recently discovered. You can also see where their tracks are charting to make it easier for you to identify popular tracks.

This is a great example of the power of Resident Advisor in the way it so thoroughly connects music and artists.

By DJ Charts

The initial DJ charts page is a little bit overwhelming and I find it easy to get lost in the wide range of charts there. I normally start by going to a label I like such as Defected. I can then get to a range of their tracks and see how well they’re charting to get an idea of their popularity.

The DJ Charts tab also provides access to the Monthly Top 50 tracks. This will still give you a lot of the tracks that are popular on other sites, but it will also give you a nice range of tracks that are different from what you’d find on the front page of Beatport.

By Record Labels

This is another handy tab that I also find easy to use. It brings you to some popular labels as well as some highly charting labels if you’re looking for something quick. It also gives you recently reviewed labels if you’re looking for something new that might not necessarily be popular yet.

When you navigate the site this way, Resident Advisor becomes a powerful tool for discovering new music and new artists. It works great for both digging for something deeper and finding something new quickly. Next time we’ll look at another site and compare its capabilities to Resident Advisor as well as Beatport.