The way DJs find their music has changed a lot over the years. The days of going to your local record store, sitting down with some vinyl, and really getting a feel for some new and exciting music to spice up your DJ sets are long over. In the digital era, music is a lot easier to come by, but with this ease comes a variety of other issues. On the plus side, it’s easy to go online and download loads of new music from your couch. The downside, however, is that a whole bunch of people are getting their music from the same few places, which means that a lot of DJs today all play basically the same music. In this first part of this series on finding music for your DJ sets, we’ll look at a couple of websites where you can find new and different music, as well as a few more mainstream sites that not many other people have caught on to yet.

Sites to Keep Your Music Fresh – Beezo provides a great look at what’s popular right now in the Vegas club circuit as well a nice healthy mixture of mash ups and edits to keep your library new. – Remix report used to be a site exclusively for discussion among experienced DJs, but they now provide a great variety of good music as well. Again, this site is fairly focused on popular Vegas style Top 40 music. – Hype machine is a great way to keep on top of new trends and find cool remixes of new and popular songs. The voting style means that the music rising to the top is good quality stuff, which saves you from having to sort through lots of mediocre edits. – Following proven remix artists like MAKJ and Kastra on Facebook is extremly helpful for finding new music and keeping up to date. Lots of popular DJs will have ‘Free’ tabs with cool edits and remixes, and will also keep you up to date with their own releases. – I’ll often find artists who have a few good bootlegs and then follow them on soundcloud. Then all I have to do is check up on my stream to see what they’re posting. This provides an easy and central way to follow artists you like.

Record pools like also are handy for giving you easy access to current popular music as well as a variety of interesting edits and bootlegs from their resident DJs that might not be available otherwise.

Next time on this series I’ll look at a few more mainstream sites and talk a bit more about how to find music on these sites that other people aren’t playing.


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