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DJ School
DJ School
DJ School
DJ School
DJ School

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How to Scratch

Learn how to do beginner to advanced scratches from some of the world’s best Scratch DJ’s. You will learn the Drum Scratch, the Two Click Orbit Scratch, and many more.

Prepare a DJ Set

Learning how to properly prepare a DJ set is one of the most important aspects of learning how to DJ. At our DJ school we teach you everything you need to know about preparing an amazing DJ set.

4 Essential Transitions

Learn 4 essential transitions that every DJ should know.  These transitions are essential being able to mix smoothly as well as mix from one genre to another.

How to Use Ableton

We will teach you the fundamentals of using Ableton Live whether you want to get into producing or learn to use it to DJ. Many producers prefer to DJ using Ableton live, so we made sure to include it.

Celebrity DJ Interviews

We interview award-winning producers like Morgan Page  and they share their industry secrets on how to make it as a Pro DJ as well as a music producer. 

How to Get DJ Gigs

Getting gigs can be extremely hard if you don’t know the industry secrets! Most DJ School’s don’t teach you how to get DJ gigs. We teach you exactly how to get the best DJ gigs.

Take the frustration out of DJ'ing and amplify your creativity by signing up to our DJ School today!

DJ School

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